First-time Deer Hunter’s Guide

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First-time Deer Hunter’s Guide

Looking to go on your first deer hunt? What an exciting journey you are about to embark on! Now is the perfect time to plan and get as much advice as possible, so you have a successful first hunt. Before you begin this list you must get your Ohio hunting license.

How to prepare

You never want to be in your stand and realize you don’t have sufficient supplies. It is important that you bring enough food and water for the day, as well as your hunting gear. Map out a plan for your hunt, you may move from spot to spot if you do not see a lot of activity, plan for this. It is important that you stay alert during your hunt, plan ahead, and make sure you get plenty of sleep. The last thing you want to be is tired when you are waiting to harvest your hunt. Check out this check list that will help you narrow down what to bring!

What to wear

The morning and afternoon will be cooler than midday, so wear layers. That way, you can remove pieces of clothing if need be. When bowhunting make sure to wear lots of camo, and when gun hunting wear orange. Vests are a great piece of clothing to wear, as they will keep you warm and can be worn over large jackets or over t-shirts! Invest in a good pair of boots; nobody wants to spend all day hunting with cold and wet feet.

Your weapon

Before going hunting you need to know your weapon and feel comfortable using it. This is the most important step of your hunt as you need to keep yourself and others safe. When hunters do not know how to handle their weapon accidents happen.

The moment you have been waiting for

Don’t get trigger happy! Before shooting a deer you need to make sure it is a legal deer. Once you finally spot the deer you want to harvest, take a deep breath and wait for the perfect shot. If you miss, just remember it is your first time and it happens to the best of us. If you are lucky enough to harvest your first deer on your first hunt congrats, if not this is normal! Not everyone will get a 10 point on their first try!

As always, remember this is your first-time hunting, not everyone harvests their first deer their first time out. Expect your first time to be a learning experience and grow from it. Go slow, it is not a race!