How to Keep Your Dog Warm While Hunting

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How to Keep Your Dog Warm While Hunting

Hunting in the winter can be very rewarding, but it can pose threats to your safety and that of your hunting partners. Dogs are not as resilient as one may think, so you must consider all winter conditions before going out with your furry friend. Just like humans, dogs can get hypothermia. Your hunting partner is not able to tell you how he is feeling or if he needs something, so it is important that you are prepared for any situation.

Preparing for a Hunt

To prepare your dog for the cold, you can keep your dog outside in the conditions they will be hunting in. This does not mean throw your dog out and let him freeze on your porch. It means for a few hours a day set up an area in your back yard for your dog to get used to the temperatures. If your dog is able to adapt to the weather, you will have a better chance of having a good hunt.

Putting your dog in danger should not be an option. Anything can happen while hunting, but some things can be avoided if you are prepared. A neoprene dog vest will not only keep your dog warm but can also help avoid abrasions from the ice. A mat will keep your dog off of the cold wet ground while he is not out working. A mat is also easy to store and not heavy, making it easy to pack! It is important that you are giving your dog enough nutrients and food. Your hunting partner works hard, and they need enough energy and fat to stay warm and finish a hunt. Water is also important for your dog’s health and performance.

During Hunt

If your dog shows signs of hypothermia you should immediately get them to a warm area and wrap them up in a blanket. If you are able to put them in a warm body of water do that also. It is important that you do not push your dog because hypothermia is a serious condition. People and animals can die from hypothermia. While you are hunting it is a good idea to periodically check your partner from nose to tail. On top of the risk of hypothermia, your partner can also experience cuts from the sharp ice.

If you properly prepare for a hunt with your partner you will be more likely to avoid any dangers. Mossy Oak Properties Ohio is a team of certified land specialists that know the land better than anyone. Whether you are looking for land for you and your furry friend to hunt or an investment property we are ready for the challenge.