Snakes Common to Ohio

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Snakes Common to Ohio

Identifying snakes is very important as hunting season approaches. In the upcoming weeks, many of you will be preparing your land, and out hunting at all hours of the day and night. This makes it more likely that you will see snakes on our property and to get bitten. As the heat is here to stay for a while, so are the snakes. They are fattening up on rodents and preparing for mating season and their winters dormancy!

Common snakes

There are more than 20 snakes native to Ohio but only three are venomous. The three venomous snakes include the Timber Rattlesnake, the Northern Copperhead, and the Eastern Massasauga. With only three native venomous snakes in Ohio, you are more likely to encounter a nonvenomous snake. It is very important to know the difference and what snake you have come across. Snakes are important to the ecosystem of Ohio and killing a nonvenomous snake for no reason can be detrimental to that area over time.

The Timber Rattlesnake varies in color from brown-gray to more yellow-brown, it has even been found to be completely black. Tt has a very distinctive rattle on the end it’s tail.

The Northern Copperhead got its name due to its copper-colored head. This is the most-encountered venomous snake in Ohio. These snakes only attack when they feel threatened, so it is important if you spot one to keep your distance, and if possible, leave it alone.

The Massasauga is a type of rattlesnake that has a gray and brown body. This snake prefers wetter areas and most likely will be near your hunting sport! This snake also has a very distinctive rattle.

How to avoid snake bites

It is important to always be able to see where your feet are and where you will step next. If you plan on being in areas where this is not possible, it is important to wear the right gear. This gear includes snake boots and long pants. Snakes do not want to attack, but they want to be left alone. If they feel threatened or in danger they will become aggressive and try to defend themselves or their area.

What to do if bitten

As for bites, it is important to know what type of snake bit you. Deaths from venomous snakes can happen, so you want to make sure you take the necessary steps if you are bitten.

If bitten by a venomous snake it is important that you seek medical attention immediately as they will have the antivenom you need. In these situations, it is very important to stay calm. The more your body moves and your heart pumps the more the venom will affect you.

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