Top 5 Travel Destinations For Turkey Hunters – OHIO is NUMBER 1!

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Top 5 Travel Destinations For Turkey Hunters – OHIO is NUMBER 1!

When spring rolls around each year, hunters across the country start to feel it in their bones, even a little tingle in their bow hand is not at all uncommon. The crisp morning air, the strategy, the thrill of the hunt — all of it is inching closer. And the game? Well, these birds will make you earn it.

That’s right — we’re talking about turkey hunting season!

For many hunters, there simply is no equal. It involves patience, careful planning, scrambling around, tracking, and often long periods of sitting still. But in the end, nabbing a good-looking gobbler in its natural environment has no rival.

The question then becomes, where does one go for the best turkey hunting experience? In this post, we’ll give you our picks for the top 5 travel destinations for turkey hunters:


With a great amount of birds (an estimated population of well over 200,000), Ohio comes in first on our list. All tags are over the counter in Ohio, and non-residents can hunt for $125, with a $24 tag fee per hunter for up to two birds, depending on the county. One perk of hunting in Ohio is that after the second week, birds can be hunted all day. With plenty of beautiful hunting areas to choose from, we recommend Wayne National Forest or Grand River Wildlife Area.


For big bearded, heavy birds, look no further than the Cornhusker State. Nebraska has one of the longest seasons in the country, and allows you to harvest up to three birds in spring. Non resident tags will run you around $110, and you can find a variety of turkeys throughout the state. Try Nebraska National Forest to the west.


A state known for producing a high number of birds every year, Missouri has an estimated population of upwards of 600,000. With plenty of public land to choose from, you’re sure to find some beautiful terrain for your hunt. Non-resident tags are a little bit more pricey here, in the $190 range.


Another state with a high number or a variety of birds, Kansas should make the list for any serious turkey hunter. Hunting permits in Kansas are just $62.50 and non-resident tags cost $32.50 per bird. Kansas also offers a very long season, typically ranging from early April to the end of May, with a week at the beginning exclusively set for archery hunting.


Certainly not last on the list when it comes to size, the Sooner State produces some seriously monster birds. With tons of public ground to offer and Rios and Easterns running abound, Oklahoma is another great state to hunt. The central and western parts of the state offer the easiest ground to navigate, and tags are affordable at just $10 to go along with a $175, 5-day license.

You really can’t go wrong with any state on the list, so gear up, arrange your travel, and have a great hunt!

Originally posted at OutdoorHub on May 2, 2018.
Image courtesy OutdoorHub.